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The MyEllevate treatment is a minimally invasive jawline contouring procedure.

MyEllevate has been delicately designed to restore your youthful and natural beauty. Lift, enhance and define your jawline with a beautifully simple and minimalistic procedure.

Properties of tHE Myellevate PROCEDURE

MyEllevate is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under local anaesthesia. It involves the use of a small incision under the chin, through which a suture is passed to lift and tighten the neck and jawline. The suture is anchored to the facial muscles, providing a long-lasting lift that can improve the appearance of sagging skin and jowls.

One of the key properties of MyEllevate is it's minimally invasive nature. Because the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and involves only a small incision, there is minimal downtime and patients can return to their normal activities within a few days. This makes MyEllevate an attractive option for patients who want to improve the appearance of their neck and jawline without undergoing a more invasive surgical procedure.

Another important property of MyEllevate is its long-lasting results. Because the suture is anchored to the facial muscles, the lift provided by MyEllevate can last for several years. This makes it a cost-effective option for patients who want to achieve a more youthful appearance without the need for frequent touch-ups or maintenance.
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Procedure Time
Approximately 1 hour
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Visible immediately
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Full Recovery
Approximately 1 week
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Duration of Results
5+ years

Clinical Studies and Case Reports

Several clinical studies and case reports have investigated the use of MyEllevate in cosmetic surgery. In one study, 20 patients underwent MyEllevate and were followed up for 12 months. The study found that all patients experienced a significant improvement in the appearance of their neck and jawline, with no major complications or adverse events reported.

Who is the perfect candidate for the myellevate treatment?

The ideal candidate is a patient who is apprehensive about going under the knife but is self-conscious about their neck/jawline area starting to show early signs of ageing. 

If you look at your facial profile and see that your neckline is looking more like a slope, rather than a nice right angle underneath the chin, you are a patient that will experience great results from the treatment.

Another ideal candidate for the MyEllevate is a patient whose glands are prominent underneath the neckline. This tends to happen to a lot of people genetically and is not age-related. These individuals can benefit greatly from this treatment also.

Enhance, Define, and Lift: The Applications of THE MyEllevate Neck Lift

MyEllevate has a wide range of potential applications in the field of cosmetic surgery. It is particularly useful for patients who are experiencing sagging skin and jowls in the neck and jawline area, which can be a common sign of aging. MyEllevate can provide a natural-looking lift that can improve the appearance of the neck and jawline, without the need for more invasive surgical procedures.

MyEllevate may also be useful for patients who have undergone weight loss or have excess skin in the neck and jawline area due to other factors. By lifting and tightening the skin, MyEllevate can improve the overall contour of the face and provide a more youthful appearance.

The treatment was designed to outperform

The MyEllevate technique utilizes the ICLED® Suturod® device. It is the first and only patented light-guided technology for facial cosmetic procedures, to accurately place sutures without incisions or open surgery. It can easily be performed using local anesthesia. 

There is generally very little, if any, bruising and swelling and most people can return to normal activities within about a week, excluding heavy lifting.

Rapid recovery with immediately visible and long lasting results.