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Breast augmentation

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A breast enlargement, boob job, breast augmentation or breast enhancement, as you may also know it, is a transformative procedure that involves implants being placed into your existing breast tissue to achieve a fuller size and refined contour.

Backed by a remarkable satisfaction rate across various age groups, this procedure holds great potential to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and give a better quality of life.

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Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Reasons for seeking breast augmentation vary greatly. Whether driven by a desire to address asymmetry, increase your breast size, or balance with your body's proportions, Enhancements offer an opportunity to build self confidence and esteem.

Our dedicated approach here at The Grange Clinic is tailored to providing professionalism and assurance without any hint of judgement – it's all about providing a personalised experience that unlocks your inner confidence. 
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Procedure Time
Approximately 1 - 2 hours
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Final Results
3 - 12 Months
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Surgery Bra
2 - 8 weeks
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Time off Work
1 - 2 weeks (dependant on occupation)
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Time in Hospital
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Personal Transformation: A Candid Review of the Life-Changing Breast Augmentation Experience

"Deciding to have a breast augmentation was such a huge decision and without Mrs Aenone Harper-Machin's knowledge, professionalism and support I don't think I would have taken the jump. I am nearly 27 and have fought my insecurities of looking young and having no chest for such a long time. The fear and uncertainty of surgery has put me off going under the knife, but I felt completely understood and calm from the first second my consultation at The Grange Clinic started, all my questions were answered and I left the room 100% certain I was going to go through with the procedure. The whole surgery ran so smoothly and my recovery has been unbelievable. I have never felt so womanly, feminine and confident in my own skin and it truly is thanks to Mrs Harper-Machin."
Lauren, 27
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In the process of breast enlargement surgery, a cosmetic surgeon will perform an incision beneath the breast (known as inframammary incision). This incision allows the surgeon to create a pocket either behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle, facilitating the insertion of the implant.

Similar to any surgical procedure, breast augmentation carries potential risks. Our skilled surgeons will comprehensively discuss these risks with you during your consultation. While these risks are uncommon, they encompass the possibility of infection, alterations in sensation, implant rupture, and the development of scar tissue that might distort the implant's shape (capsular contracture). This is why, at the Grange Clinic, we take pride in our team of dedicated and experienced cosmetic surgeons and practitioners.

Post-Op Insights: What to Expect After Breast Augmentation

Patients should anticipate bruising and swelling in the breast area and its surroundings. Additionally, they should expect sensations of tightness, discomfort, and heightened the procedure. However, the discomfort should gradually fade within 7-14 days, and pain relief will be prescribed to alleviate any unease.

The recovery process typically spans around 6-8 weeks, although the complete final outcome might take up to a year to fully manifest. Initially, the breast implants might sit higher on the chest, but over time, they will naturally settle and attain a more natural appearance.
As part of the post-operative care, patients are required to wear a specialised surgical bra continuously for 6-8 weeks. Some individuals may opt to continue wearing a compression garment or a sports bra until they achieve full recovery.

Scarring is an inherent aspect of breast augmentation surgery, but there's no need for concern. These scars will gradually fade over time and become less conspicuous as the healing process unfolds.

Following a breast augmentation, most patients are able to return to work after approximately 1 week, in accordance with their surgeon's guidance.
In the aftermath of the procedure, refraining from heavy lifting and intense exercise is advisable. Prioritising a gradual and cautious approach is recommended to prevent potential complications such as implant rupture or displacement.


Mr. Adel Fattah is one of our incredibly talented and distinguished Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons here at The Grange Clinic . With a Cambridge graduation and a post-graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Surgery from the University of London with Distinction, Mr. Fattah embodies a commitment to continuous learning. Trained under national and international experts in London and North America, he specialises in craniofacial and breast surgery.
His patient-focused approach ensures transparent communication, emphasising safety and innovation. With a notable focus on innovation and patient comfort, Mr. Fattah introduces advanced techniques, making him a distinguished figure in the realm of breast augmentation.
Jamie Barnes, an esteemed Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeon, is another incredible member of the team.. Serving in the Mersey Regional Plastic Surgery Unit at Whiston Hospital and the Linda McCartney Centre at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Jamie specialises in microsurgical breast reconstruction and complex breast surgery.
Jamie's graduated from The University of Manchester Medical School in 2009, followed by comprehensive training in Plastic Surgery in the North West of England. His pursuit of excellence led to subspecialty fellowship training at Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospitals, focusing on microsurgical breast reconstruction. With inclusion in the GMC Specialist register for Plastic Surgery, Jamie Barnes emerges as a dedicated authority, particularly in the realm of breast augmentation procedures.

Mr Jamie Barnes

Elevate Confidence and Curves: Discover the Magic of Breast Augmentation

Consider embracing a breast augmentation as a pathway to discovering newfound confidence and empowerment. This transformative procedure offers the chance to sculpt your desired silhouette, addressing concerns like asymmetry or proportion imbalance. By enhancing your natural curves, you can unlock a sense of self-assuredness that resonates both outwardly and within.

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